Zen Do Kai Wanganui

Welcome to Zen Do Kai Wanganui

Zen Do Kai is a freestyle martial arts that can help you in everyday life and give you more confidence.

 "The hardest part of getting started at one of our classes is walking through the door of the training hall for the first time! “It’s only natural to be a little nervous about entering a new environment and meeting new people for the first time, our aim is to ensure you feel relaxed and part of our martial art family as rapidly as possible. 

Zen Do Kai translates from Japanese as” the best of everything in progression:” and has a motto: “Limitations you thought you had don’t exist. “ It’s been over 40 years since Australian Bob Jones, 9th degree black belt, founded Zen Do Kai in his homeland, the martial art is now practised in different locations around the world. 

Wanganui’s head instructor Jeremy Leathem is a 5th degree black belt and has been training in Zen Do Kai for 25 years. Over the years we have drawn from all other Martial Arts to create an unbeatable system of training.  

Whether you are looking for self-defence in our increasingly violent society, general health and fitness, or the deeper philosophies of Martial Arts, Zen Do Kai is where you will find it. Many people have found that the discipline involved has helped turn their lives around and steered them in a new direction. 

We take a Freestyle approach and combine all arts and form one system that we call ZEN DO KAI FREESTYLE. The Samurai of old Japan lived by the code of Bushido, which teaches the eight qualities that an emerging Samurai (Black Belt) should aspire to: Loyalty, Honour, Courage, Etiquette, Self-Control, Justice, Benevolence and Truth. These Qualities are still encouraged in our trainings today. 

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