Zen Do Kai Wanganui


Head Instructor

Head instructor - Jeremy Leathem

  • Rank: Zen Do Kai 5th Degree  , BJMA Krav Maga 1st Degree
  • Title: Shihan
  • Dojo: Warriors
  • Town: Wanganui
  • When did you start Martial Arts: 1991
  • When did you start Zen Do Kai: 1991
  • When did you receive your Black Belt: 1994
  • Martial Arts experience: Fighting in the ring for Martial Arts Tournaments
  • Martial Arts highlights: Training with Soke Bob Jones the day after I received my Black Belt
  • Any regrets: Not starting when I was younger
  • How did you get involved: Went along to a class with a friend, liked it. I joined, he didn't.
  • Favourite weapon: Katana, Tonfa                   

Johanna Nyenhuis 

  •  Dai Sempai Johanna Nyenhuis info coming soon

 Ed Freeman

  • Rank: Shodan-Ho, probationary 1st Dan
  • Dojo: Warriors
  • Town: Wanganui
  • When did you start Zen Do Kai: 2008
  • When did you receive your Black Belt: 29 October, 2012
  • Your instructor: Shihan Jeremy Leathem
  • Martial Arts highlights: Black Belt Grading and receiving my Bushido Cross.
  • Any regrets: Probably should have started a few years earlier.
  • How did you get involved: Coming into High School I thought it might be a good idea to get involved with something. Found Zen Do Kai and have liked it ever since.
  • Favourite weapon: Katana or Nunchaku.

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